1.8.1 Release candidates: Speeeeeeeed!

There’s a multitude of settings that can be tweaked to improve the indexing time, although not directly related to indexing itself.

Tweaking the Java VM settings in WS is necessary if the project is very large.

Then reduce the number of plugins in use. The default install is a jungle! I discovered with time that I don’t need about 80% of them.

This was the single most important change. It has dramatically reduced the indexing time. It used to be a problem even on a machine with 8th Gen Core i7 + 32GB RAM.

Edit: I’m not entirely sure I should call it “reducing the indexing time”. But it was always about that horrible sluggishness at startup, then at times when you’d refactor file names and such. So I’m thinking it was the indexing process.

I have few meteor sideprojects hosted on DO with $5 plan, no issues so far. They are not busy really though. And with mongo in a separate docker on the same server

Running a Meteor app on a $5 droplet is not the issue, building a Meteor app on one is!

oh my, I never thought about development on remote VM with 1G memory. My mistake

Thanks. Already been there, done that, and I second the “plugins” reduction ! I hoped you had found something more specific to indexing. I guess with over 10k files in project, there’s not much to hope.

Yeah, at 10K files per project you are pushing it a little :slight_smile:


(Down from 3 to 4 minute build time to ~1min.)