A BlueTooth-enabled Meteor mobile app?

Hi everyone

I came across an article today:


Jott is an app that uses Bluetooth to let users message one another.
Read the article to see that Jott has been adding 10,000 to 20,000 users per day

So I thought, I wonder if a Meteor based mobile app could do the same?
But add images, sounds, video etc?

Searching on atmospherejs.com for “bluetooth” returns no results. :frowning:

So I went off Googling, and found this:

Since I have no idea of how to create a package for Meteor that enables Bluetooth via PhoneGap,
I just thought I’d put the idea out there.

Imagine what sort of app could be created - and monetised - if it were in competition with Jott (but added lots more features) ?

Over to you! :smile:

This looks interesting:
From their homepage:
Develop BLE mobile applications

With the Brûlée Apache Cordova / PhoneGap Plugin you can develop BLE enabled cross-platform mobile apps for e.g. iOS and Android using JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3.

If you find a plugin you want to use in the Cordova registry: http://plugins.cordova.io/#/search?search=bluetooth

Using it is as easy as typing meteor add cordova:<package name>


Hi Sashko

Wow - thanks!
I’ll have a look, but as I said, I’m pretty much a real noob - just wanted to make the community aware of other things that could be integrated into a Meteor app…

And btw, thanks for your continued committment to Meteor. Its really nice to be able to interact with the core developers of a project.

Please also extend my best regards to @slava and all the others in the core dev team.
You’ve created something that an old man like me can really embrace.

Cheers, and all the best

Hi, Please read these articles, It will help for you, What are things, resources needed for developing bluetooth mobile app. https://developer.bluetooth.org/TechnologyOverview/Pages/Profiles.aspx

Thanks @davidaliasmichael !!