A camera solution that is Fast & Fun Development

I’m slowly getting to learn Meteor but at the moment I’m not so sure about “Fast & Fun Development”. Once again I see a gap between nice words of all the great apps you can build with Meteor, how easy it is, and reality for someone who is not a natural in programming. I see others also have a problem.

Been trying to access the camera using mdg:camera but can’t get it to work. Get a Blaze error that I understand others also get.

Cordova or whatever, can you build an app using the camera, a key element for a mobile app, that is “a great experience both on the web and as a phone or tablet app” and do it with “10 lines what would otherwise take 1000”? Real solution using Meteor and not external like e g Uploadcare.

Sorry for my apparent mood but you know how it is when you get stuck. :smile:

You are looking for help, but I don’t see a question.

Here is a repo to help you out:

I would also completely disagree as Meteor is my first programming language and I’ve deployed several applications by studying others on this forums code.

You found the question. Thanks.

A little more Fun now. This is the one I’ve been working with. One step further but still get Blaze errors. Maybe that doesn’t matter.

I know, building simple stuff has been fairly easy, even for me, but if you look at it honestly (honestly!) it’s a bit more to go in order to live up to the nice words when you build more complex apps.

I mean I will probably spend several more hours if not days to apply it, getting cropping to work, resizing, styling the camera interface (but maybe I can leave that to Android and iOS, but I have no idea because that is something you have to figure out yourself), etc.

but if you look at it honestly (honestly!) it’s a bit more to go in order to live up to the nice words when you build more complex apps.

What is it you’re after exactly? In order to live up to the nice words i mean.

Not sure but sometimes it’s good to see it from the outside and get the “stupid” questions and remarks. Like mine in this case or my Mother’s when looking at a site I’ve developed and asking these “stupid” questions as an illiterate in computers that after a while makes sense. Sometimes you’re sooo in to it that you miss the overall picture.

Think it has to do with usability, teaching methods (pedagogy) and a new way of thinking that makes it actually easy and simple to use. I don’t know. What do you think? Let me turn the question. Can it be more simple and easy to use? What can be done to reach that?

Take people like me as an example. We can do advanced stuff but are not naturals in programming. We spend a lot of time searching for answers. Atmosphere has several plugins that do the same thing. Which one is best? Can it be narrowed down and in some cases better explained? And so on.

The team behind Meteor has done a great job and it’s free so I know you shouldn’t complain. This is just constructive criticism. I’m sure there are a lot that can be improved.

Anyway, a good tutorial on how to integrate the camera, style it, crop images, and the rest would be great.

Feel free to write it.
And as Meteor is open source, you can check whole integration how it is done.
They are not hiding anything.
Or you can pay some professional to write such tutorial.
The really busy ones dont have time to do so.
And nerves to answer stupid questions after …

My latest dilemma, that’s solved now thanks to kind help, exemplifies my point.

When you first learn Meteor you are told to keep the methods for insert and update in the event. The first tutorial is really giving you the impression that “wow, this IS simple and fun”. But further on you suddenly have to change that and put it as a method on the server making interaction with the db much more complex and not much better than another language.