A Simple & Complete Meteor Mobile Tutorial

Great idea. I just bought the Secure Meteor book. Would definitely buy a Mobile Meteor book! :grinning:

Based on all the issues and comments in the Meteor github, it seems like Cordova and Windows have both fallen by the wayside. Windows I can live without, but having mobile and Cordova be solid is important.

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I see cordova as a fundamental part of Meteor to keep up one of the core value propositions of being a multi-platform framework with a single codebase. It is crucial to many bigger projects and I really hope it does not fall aside.


@patrickcneuhaus Any update on this?


Yes, I’m still working on it and expect to post it in ~2 weeks. I’ll post the link here.


Hey guys,

After more than a month of work, I am happy to announce The Meteor Mobile Tutorial - Create Apps for Android + iOS.

You can read more about it in my recent post.

It’s available on Zentorial - the open marketplace for tech tutorials:

Wish you all the best in your projects and hope that this helps you achieve great results.
I’m here for any questions, feedback and ideas :slight_smile:


I’m getting a 404 on that link. Is there an updated link?

Same, 404. Any news?

probably this one https://www.zentorial.com/tutorial/cover/read/axNpdpZvh84Bd8veT

found by scrolling down on the homepage


Hey guys,

I changed the routes on Zentorial so the previous link doesn’t work anymore. The correct link is the one pointed by @thomastraum:

If you have any questions or difficulties, let me know :slight_smile: