A Simple & Complete Meteor Mobile Tutorial

Great idea. I just bought the Secure Meteor book. Would definitely buy a Mobile Meteor book! :grinning:

Based on all the issues and comments in the Meteor github, it seems like Cordova and Windows have both fallen by the wayside. Windows I can live without, but having mobile and Cordova be solid is important.


I see cordova as a fundamental part of Meteor to keep up one of the core value propositions of being a multi-platform framework with a single codebase. It is crucial to many bigger projects and I really hope it does not fall aside.


@patrickcneuhaus Any update on this?


Yes, I’m still working on it and expect to post it in ~2 weeks. I’ll post the link here.


Hey guys,

After more than a month of work, I am happy to announce The Meteor Mobile Tutorial - Create Apps for Android + iOS.

You can read more about it in my recent post.

It’s available on Zentorial - the open marketplace for tech tutorials:

Wish you all the best in your projects and hope that this helps you achieve great results.
I’m here for any questions, feedback and ideas :slight_smile:


I’m getting a 404 on that link. Is there an updated link?

Same, 404. Any news?

probably this one https://www.zentorial.com/tutorial/cover/read/axNpdpZvh84Bd8veT

found by scrolling down on the homepage


Hey guys,

I changed the routes on Zentorial so the previous link doesn’t work anymore. The correct link is the one pointed by @thomastraum:

If you have any questions or difficulties, let me know :slight_smile:


it got 404 :c, help me pls

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I had no idea this guide existed, I hope that link gets updated cause I really want to read through the content :slight_smile:

@patrickcneuhaus yeah bring it back!

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Hey guys!

Sorry for the 404 - didn’t have time to invest on Zentorial in the last few months :confused:
Will try to put it live again this weekend, ok?

In case you have any specific questions about Meteor Mobile, just inbox me!


this weekend works, thank you. a proper mobile starter pack is what meteor is in desperate need of


I’m not getting a 404, but I am getting an insecure connection error that can’t be bypassed. I do see a list of articles here: http://www.zentorial.com/channel/5d0d1f32fb6fc00e79ae192b

@patrickcneuhaus it looks like zentorial no longer exists, is there anywhere to find this article?

I’m working out the logistics on how to share this with the whole Meteor Community, but I have been able to get the Meteor Community, for open source documentation purposes, free access to all the GitBooks we might be able to create together.

So @patrickcneuhaus I’d be happy to get you set up to be able to edit or import your docs into a GitBook. GitBook also syncs with Github repos and can keep docs in sync with Github.

I’ve been using this solution for my own internal docs and it’s such a huge time saver to write docs and they always look amazing too. I kept noticing other top projects choosing GitBook as their method to create docs.

I REALLY also support eventually getting core docs into the Official Meteor Docs because the most important things belong there. We’ve also recently created a #docs channel on the Meteor Community Slack if anyone wants to collaborate more easily on additions to the Meteor Docs. @filipenevola has been super supportive of us making additions or updates.

In case it is helpful, I’ve also found a great tool to run on your desktop to make editing the Meteor Docs easier. It’s called Typora and I would highly recommend it now that I’ve used it a bit.

My thought is that perhaps we could more easily create Community Guides / Docs that individuals or small teams might want to create using GitBook and over time, we can get all the best stuff into the Official Meteor Docs.

I started a GitBook to write more helpful content about Meteor + Vue as I build my own app. I’d like to give back to both the Meteor & Vue communities by writing up as much relevant content as I can.

For the open source community, I believe in creating open source docs and allowing people to sponsor or give gifts via Github Sponsorship or similar if people really end up appreciating the content. I think this beats trying to write & sell books or something similar. Also, we can all easily edit and help maintain common documents in the long run.

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