A voting Game: Stop Using Bootstrap

Let’s stop using Bootstrap, for there are better, more semantic, fast css front-end frameworks available.

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Could you give an example of such MAGIC frameworks?


Yeah, I’m going to need a better reason than “more semantic” to re-learn a new grid system, and pry my hands away from “btn-primary”.


Bootstrap is life, Bootstrap is love


Flexbox support can be a reason to use Semantic UI. At least it is for me.

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I prefer Semantic UI mostly simply because of their class names, there’s just something much more satisfying to write class='ui primary button' versus class='btn btn-primary'.

There are of course other differences to Bootstrap but that’s one of the biggest for me :smiley:

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This is very subjective and doesn’t really relate to meteor at all. Meteor supports twbs, zurb, material, sass, less and plenty of others. It also leaves the choice completely up to the developer(s).


Yeah… the most popular thread on the forums used to be “Code editor of choice”…


True but that thread wasn’t about what the best editor was in an effort to get other devs to stop using their favorite. If this was a “What’s your favorite front end framework” it would be different.

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Honestly, I was a Foundation guy but eventually the number of plugins and pre-built things for Bootstrap was so overwhelming that I just switched over. All of the grid systems are more or less the same. And when you have no clear winner, I tend to just side with whatever is the most popular (even if I disagree with some of the things they do).


I have nothing against bootstrap but I don’t like packages with functionality that depends on bootstrap.

We need more packages that ship with multiple available stylings and less forks of the bootstrap packages that are re-styled. It just makes a mess of versions.

It should be a configuration option.


I feel that once you’re learned a bit of bootstrap and and used it a bit and tried to understand it, you will have learned enough HTML&CSS that you will find it easier to strip bootstrap out. I find it annoying to have to figure out how to over-ride bootstrap without unintended side-effects. The only thing I really use at this point is the grid system, and even that is becoming less important for me as I’ve learned flex display. I used to use it for buttons, my navbar, etc., but then I would constantly want to tweak something here but not there and worry about CSS scoping is annoying enough without having this blundering thing called bootstrap in the background constantly bumping into things.


while we’re on the subject…

as flex isn’t the best for backwards compatibility (I actually need to support android and IE) can anyone suggest a good grid-only framework? I don’t need anything else as I’m using Materual UI for styling, but it doesn’t seem to have a layout system.

EDIT: Made a new topic for this.

We just changed from Foundation to Bootstrap for 2 reasons:

  • Bootstrap is 4x smaller in size, Foundation’s javascript is just bloated
  • Bootstrap works very well on IE8, Foundation really sucks there.

Overall the switch made our life’s much easier. Bootstrap just works, is simple, small in file size and widely supported by addons and plugins

The day I stop using Bootstrap is the day I have to relearn a ton of muscle memory, and give up years of cross-browser fixes by thousands of developers using it in the wild.

Having semantic html is just not worth the trade off.

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Honestly, bootstrap’s grid system is very convenient. It’s easy to get a prototype to look decent in a timely manner. The css decisions they make for you on forms, buttons, navigation (oh, god…), etc. I usually end up overriding or tweaking anyways (i.e. you’re right - Bootstrap’s full package isn’t the best choice)! I still use it (actually, I use this flavor: fevrasta’s bootstrap material design) because it’s easy to use, and right now my focus is on more important parts of my website.

The perfect front end material/modern framework to me would be: A great grid system + a css file which normalizes all the markup + a css file which normalizes the flavor/clothing of the markup to be material/modern (materialize inputs, buttons, implement cards, etc.). And that’s it.

Some front end frameworks try to do everything. Do you want everything? I love fontawesome because it gives me exactly what I asked for, and no more.

Or this site: material palette Absolutely wonderful, stumbled upon it a few days ago :smile: Now, I don’t need pre-prepackaged colors, I can just do it myself explicitly.