Ability to down vote

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This is not a competition nor an awards ceremony. We don’t give best anything. All comments and commenters here enjoy the same opinion weight. There are no great or less great questions nor bad answers. We just add up to a common culture for mutual interest.


Right got you there buddy, well I’m not sure if you are aware but on this forum, recently they added the ability to emoji posts. The only thing you can do is give awards, or appear shocked… Check it out.

There are always good and bad answers and questions, it’s a fact of life and one stackoverflow, Quora, Reddit, Facebook and Twitter all implement because it’s how conversation works. I understand that you may not get that, and that’s cool. No worries. Just as long as you are aware that this isn’t normal. And it’s quite odd.

I don’t see the need either. If we want to give negative feedback we still can use text and make it a distinctive response. An emoji just abstracts the meaning from the emotion, it has very few context. Voting down or negative emojis can just lead to much more FUD and unconstructive discussions we as community need to avoid those and keep things as constructive as possible.


So what was the point in adding the emoji update if you just want to heart stuff?

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:point_up_2: bump up the jam, bump it up while your compilers stomping :point_up_2:

Closed this topic. It has evidently run its course and is adding no value.