Accounts.setPassword not working

Hello, I have been having trouble with changing the users password on the server. I have tried changeing passwords on a clean project and a different computer but i still keep getting this error Untitled - Pastebin

and this is the code I am using

Use_ForgotPass_Code(Email:string, Code:string, Password:string){
        const user = UserLookUp('email', Email)

        if(user == undefined)
            Error('Account Search', 'No accounts found with this email')

        if(!CheckVCode(user._id, 'ResetPassword', Code))
            Error('Code', 'This code is wrong')
        Accounts.setPassword(user._id, Password)

Can anyone help?

@dog2657 It’s better if you can provide the code in the post (not as an image). and tell us which line of code in the above is causing the error.
The functions UserLookup and CheckVCode - are they yours as well?
A Match error is usually because the supplied parameters don’t conform to what is expected.

Thank you so much for the quick response @mikkelking

UserLookup Just gets a user by Id, email or username and CheckVCode just checks if the user has the correct code stored in mongodb.

The line that cases the error is the set password. I follow what the docs said, I gave it a valid user id and a password is there anything I am missing?