Allow admin to "login as" any user


@gwendall’s approach looks cleaner to me.


Cleaner? That’s so subjective. I always try to do it myself when it makes sense (also, I take on as few dependencies as possible). In this case, it’s so simple, why not do it yourself instead of yet another package. YRMV of course.

Anyhow, I just didn’t know if this package had some great feature that couldn’t be done with plain Meteor – sounds like it doesn’t.


gwendall:impersonate is great for temporarily impersonating a user. The user will revert back to the admin user on refresh, so it’s not secure (as it’s not meant to be)

We’ve created the brewhk:accounts-admin-password package, which allows you to log in with an admin password. You can refresh, and do everything you’d expect if you’d logged in normally.


There’s a nice blog post about how to accounts impersonation works at the core:

After that, there are many strategies for how to make it work.

If anyone is looking to set this up for the non-technical users, Meteor Candy provides an admin dashboard that lets you search for accounts and impersonate them, among other things: