Amazon AWS vs other VPSs?

That’s the reason for us on scaleway, too! We prepared ourself with a simple image. When starting a new server from that it is a ready to go meteor instance. We do our software deployment via git and include a git pull in front of the service start and cron based nightly. The name and branch of the git repo is defined via ENV var during creating the server.

Two clicks and an alias entry to our DNS for the new customer.

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I was thinking of a similar path to multi-tenancy with meteor and automating deployment to their $5 droplets. I’m glad you have had success with it.

Hm, I am thinking about to provide our startup initialization as an init script for ubuntu / debian servers to prepare and generate those images. The config part isn’t a big one, just nginx as proxy, iptables to block all in/out except icmp(reply)/22/80/443 and our upstart and git reader key to the software repo …

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Man, this thread got hijacked fast. :wink: Could you guys please start a new thread? This thread is specifically comparing AWS to other VPS solutions.