Announcing meteor-desktop


hey @omega or anyone else who’s used this project, I’ve got a quick question

I’ve got basic IPC interactions working with the Desktop and Module classes, but it seems like desktop-specific code is required to live within .desktop/.

Is it possible to place desktop-specific code that uses the Module api in files outside .desktop, for example in /src/imports/foobar.js but then import it from within .desktop/? Or does the file have to actually existing within .desktop/?


Hi, does the update package work with this?


Does it have React?
I mean this is so good but react is the way to go for many of us


It just runs your Meteor client code inside an Electron renderer process, you’re free to use any UI framework you wish. I’ve been using Vue in it but React would work too


very cool but the thing with a project is if it’s already have ready to use components in react :wink:


I recently tried the package - I had a bit of difficulty mapping how Electron works to how this is configured, but it only took me a few hours to figure it out and otherwise, I found the package to be excellent. It would be really great if it were extended to run the Meteor server and database with-in itself.

I was able to get everything working the way I would like, but I am stuck with one thing: does anyone know how to disable pinch to zoom, and how to override the Command + R for refresh


mate without seeming like am imposing, you should totally make a blog post about doing this with a demo meteor react app. would be very much appreciated.


Does anyone have experience distributing on the Mac App Store with this package?


We’re working on that right now and it seems like it’s gonna work. Will post back results.


Sweet, please keep us posted on how it’s going. I have been delayed several months now by this issue.

There is a new branch with a commit that might fix an issue around the build tool, however, I’m not sure if its complete or runnable.