Any impressions about meteor on DigitalOcean

The image is for a blog post, but I haven’t finished it yet. I have Nginx as a load balancer and Nginx on each Meteor server. Likely overkill, the Nginx on each app server handles serving files from the disk (css, js, etc), but most of that gets pushed into the CDN anyway… Very few people hit those files on the Nginx app anyway.

Here is the load balancer setup:

Sorry for the images vs a code block, the images are what I have handy atm from giving a talk recently :slightly_smiling:


Awesome! Thank you @joshowens

These two links might help too:

upstream module:
compile custom nginx:


Since you have 2 servers up and running with load balancing. Don’t you need sticky sessions to hold them together if the user changes server ip?

Btw can’t wait for the blog post @joshowens :slight_smile:

Looking forward to your blog post! I’m especially interested in the cluster and prerender part.

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+1 for looking forward to that blog post @joshowens

No more waiting: Building your own Meteor Galaxy hosting setup with Digital Ocean

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I’m moved the prerender stuff to a new post and will try to get it done in the next two weeks :laughing:

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I missed this question. The ip_hash line is the sticky session part.

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