Anyone tried Chromeless?


What is waiting for elements mean?


Already did, but unfortunately some of my used packages didn’t run with 1.6 (heads up for @nathantreid & CSS Modules).


Isn’t Protractor for Angular only?

Protractor is an end-to-end test framework for Angular and AngularJS applications



Most ui testing libraries run on the same Javascript cycle or asynchronously but as soon as they can. That means your async changes are not going to be picked up by the testing framework. I couldn’t find a testing example for Cromeless so here’s the wait for a screenshot…

   await chromeless
    .type('chromeless', 'input[name="q"]')

There’s no waiting in Protractor because it assumes elements will appear eventually (up to a timeout of course).


You can use it with anything. It is “Angular aware” so you do get extra features if you’re using Angular. You can ignore those tho. Here’s an example with VM-React


for all the things you could do with PhantomJS such as services like diffbot