Apollo vs Relay Subscriptions


I have other things to do with my time than deep dive the latest and greatest… like build things. (I don’t mean that with attitude) If Relay Better gains a large footprint, I’ll consider a refactor. But until then, my only interest in it will be academic.

I don’t know what their commitment is or isn’t. I do know that Facebook could never touch another line of open source code and it wouldn’t make one bit of difference to Facebook as a company. I know that’s not true of MDG.

RethinkDB and Horizon bit me badly. As developers, I think that we should support the ones doing the best work. Therefore, Apollo gets my benefit of the doubt and I look forward to being an Optics customer.


Man, that’s what we all said when were were told to move from Blaze to React. Look how that turned out. :smiley:

I just learned React/Redux (everyone was right, awesome frameworks!) and am now planning to migrate from Blaze.

That’s what we said of Facebook, then MDG stopped supporting Blaze/Tracker and moved to a React + Apollo focus. And again, not to undercut your point too much, but Facebook just doubled down on both React and Relay with a complete rewrite – there’s no way they’re standing still – their “hundreds” (or thousands even?) of engineers won’t let them.

I guess Blaze was before your time. :wink:

But you just said yourself you haven’t even seen Relay Modern, how do you know for sure? :smiley:

Also, I’m not here to promote Relay Modern over Apollo – I don’t know either tech yet (but these two are next on my list). They both look interesting and I think it’s worth while to explore both options.


A nice writeup from Apollo on the differences. Lee Bryon approved too.



Exploring Relay Modern: https://dev-blog.apollodata.com/exploring-relay-modern-276f5965f827


Yeah we’re probably going to work on some comparison content soon, but the above are good places to start!