Arunoda coming back to Meteor?

If you want to pursue your own vision , it is better than you create your own fork under a new name.

I think his blog post there is pretty precise. Meteor has not moved much since then and the comunity is still fragmented (react vs blaze vs angular vs vue and ddb-pub-sub vs graphql vs grapher or even vs ddp-method-calls).

I think its now a chance for meteor to unify the community once again, go back to the roots, be more opinionated. Move good community packages to the core (grapher, a router?, redis-oplog (optional)), fix the datalayers problems (global nature of mini-mongo, no strong type support, sometimes awkward integration in ui-libraries) and have every important package be maintained.


@arunoda I missed you!!! Welcome back :smile:
I learned more from you!

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Yeah! true that. I have seen the same comment in other places.

Oh! Very sorry If my commented made you angry.

If you want to pursue your own vision , it is better than you create your own fork under a new name.

There’s no need for such thing. We never even looked for that option even in the past.

As you already know, I have moved on due to various reasons.
I just wanted to say hi to some old friends. That’s why I am here.


Thanks for the details.

I didn’t know about

Wow. Thanks for anyone who’s maintaining this.
I really want to give it a try.


This is all good news :slight_smile: I need to restart my vue ddp project again :sweat_smile:


Thanks Arunoda for sharing your thoughts. Actually, I also missed you when you left, since you were one of my main inspirations at that time, and I learned a lot from you. I don’t expect you to work with Meteor again, but it’s great to see you here.


One great package missing from this list is meteor-desktop which adds Electron as a first-class build target. My business relies heavily on this and it’s a fantastic way to get a Meteor app bundled as a cross-platform desktop application.


@arunoda @filipenevola – seen in a previous thread. The post quoted was directed to MDG, and also was potential advice to Tiny. :slight_smile:


Thanks @efrancis, yes it is missing here.

I’ve created another thread for this list, please share you comment there so we (as a community) can co-create this list.

I agree with this comment, that was indeed a business and management blunder for ages.

Anyway, we’ll keep this thread for Arunoda :slight_smile:

@zodern is maintaining Monti APM:) We’re happy customers!


That’s a really poor attitude towards someone who literally gave years of their life working for free to build the foundations for a good chunk of the Meteor ecosystem.

Shooting the messenger and blaming people who point out Meteor’s issues might feel good, but it’s not going to do one bit to fix these very real issues, and it’s not a great look for you.


Actually, I’ve to agree with @vlasky on this one, he made a factual observation, at least to my mind.

There is indeed a lot of misinformation and FUD around Meteor (and also valid criticism), and there is a personality cult around his name.

People who never used the tech, sitting on the fence repeating what everyone else is saying even inside the Meteor forum despite clear facts, it is a waste of energy and they are indeed losers, they lost an opportunity to use their time/energy better and build something profitable with the tech, instead of just fiddling around with JS frameworks.

I don’t think vlasky statements undermine Arunoda (and his team) work, they are very factual and so his contribution. But @vlasky work has been undermined by misinformation and FUD, he has been saying there is SQL support for years yet he/we gets the same false rehearsed messages (it does not scale, no SQL support, nextjs/x is better, it’s for toy projects, it’s not secure, and the infamous declaration it is dead…)

We (as a community) keep complaining about the FUD outside the Meteor forum, yet inside the forum, we don’t make the effort to correct the misinformation. So I’ve to agree with @vlasky on this one.

He was making a profit (Kadira/MUP) and I think he would have made more money if he waited little more especially with GitHub sponsorship, I’m willing to bet that the entire Meteor community would have paid him (even now if he decides to contribute again), it was indeed a loss and I think MDG has a large part to play with it.


I guess if you’re charitable you can read his post in a better light, but I thought the overall tone (calling people “losers”) was unwarranted. Anyway I don’t want to derail the discussion in a negative way so my apologies if I overreacted.



This is filler text - please ignore


That’s why I did not say goodbye to the Meteor forum when I needed a break. I’m still a huge fan, but unfortunately I was so occupied with other stuff on other frameworks for the companies I work for that I did not have a lot of spare-time to remain active on the Meteor forum.

Actually I’ve lately been spending my time on teaching people why they should not do everything themselves. The benefit of freedom does almost never outweigh the burden of having to maintain your own codebase on area’s that are not the core business. Even worse, that code is almost always less efficient, un- or badly tested and has almost no documentation, no community and might even require full rewrite, because of bad practices in core parts of the API.

I’ve been on repeat for the last couple of years: “Do we want to deliver value? Or do we want to deliver code?” “Do you need to build your own BFF? Why do you hate Meteor, but love building BFF’s? Are you and your business THAT special? Seems to me that we’re just building another webshop?”


Thanks for this comprehensive list.

It should be part of the homepage in the section Why Meteor?

Tutorials for using MySQL, Grapher and RedisOplog would be fine, so that even newcomers see the broadness and scalability of Meteor.


Thanks @qnipp!

The list has its own thread now, check it out. Also, please like and share any suggestions you might have.

Yeah, once it is stable, I’ll try to discuss it with them to see where to best include it. There are a lot of great work within and around Meteor that needs to be made more visible to the external audience.


Happy to see you’re back here @arunoda !


Yep. Anyone mention any problem past or present and they get accused and attacked. Not a way for a community to grow itself.I feel better about it though. If arunoda gets that then anyone can (and does).