AWS OpsWorks, Meteor, Docker Deployment


@arjunrajjain @jkatzen how goes? Are you having any issues with Docker and AWS lately… I just started getting the following error:

---- Begin output of /opt/aws/opsworks/local/bin/berks vendor /opt/aws/opsworks/current/berkshelf-cookbooks ----
STDOUT: Resolving cookbook dependencies...
Fetching cookbook index from
Installing apt (2.7.0)
Installing aufs (0.1.1)
E, [2015-08-13T09:57:01.408737 #19121] ERROR -- : Actor crashed!
Errno::ETIMEDOUT: Connection timed out - connect(2)

Any help appreciated


Mmm… looks like something broken with chef supermarket here


Back up and running now


I’ve since switched back to using Mupx…spent way too many hours trying to debug Opsworks :frowning:


Anyone run into issues with IE? When running locally, IE loads my site just fine. However, after deploying I get a blank screen for IE. Other browsers are fine.


Hey there,

Have been using this setup (with a few local mods) for some time now. However, it seems it depends on the chef-docker project ( which has since abandoned support for chef < 12. So, when I redeploy or restart existing servers, I don’t seem to have issues. But when I start a new one from scratch, I get errors.

Anyone else run into this? Am I just doing something wrong? Thanks for any tips.


Thanks for the info on AWS Certified OpsWorks, Meteor, Docker Deployment