Best article to start with React?

What is the best article or resource to start with React on Meteor 1.3?

Next questions in my mind?

  • What is the best router for a React app
  • What is the best data source / database to use with a React app
  • Best practices for React app

Thank you all for your help!

For resources I would recommend you check out @themeteorchef and some of his react meteor articles. Another good resource is the leveluptuts react in meteor series by @stolinski. For a router, either flow router or react router are great, but I’d recommend react router since it is not tied to meteor only like flow router, and is built specifically for react projects. For your database you will be using mongodb until the Apollo project is ready. Hope this helps some.


Take a look at the Guide’s React section, followed by running and playing around with the react branch of the todos reference app. Also check out the following thread:

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Here is my collection of relevant links. Hope you will find something useful to start with.

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