Best Path to now Learn Meteor 1.3 and React


Hoping the Meteor Community can put me on the right path to learning Meteor 1.3 and React.

I have recently completed two Coursera courses relating to Meteor/MongoDB but that was using Meteor 1.2 and Blaze.

I would now like to move into learning from the ground up, Meteor 1,3 and React and would appreciate any useful links/resources I can follow, to get up to speed in a reasonable time.

Would appreciate your assistance.



Take what you learn in the official tutorial:

then adapt the new practices to this (write it in the new 1.3 and updated React way):

Also I purchased this based on the 1.3 Beta and Mantra: and it was promising. He will continually update it to use the latest best practices, so he is working on a newer version based on the 1.3 Release (closer to the MDG guide, adding Redux, etc).

I’m kind of a newbie but these resources were awesome in getting me started. They build confidence and teach you what you need to know!

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Take a look at this thread:

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