Best practices: proxy/caching in front of web servers?

Hey everyone.

I need an extra layer of caching in front of my Galaxy servers for WebAPIs and such. I’ve got some experienced with Varnish in the past, but wanted to check in and see what people have found works best for them in their production Meteor configuration.

At the moment I’ve got a CDN as the first line, but would like a proxy in between the CDN and web servers.

Any tips would be appreciated.



Anyone? :slight_smile: :desert_island:

If you are reading this and feel like this is a bad question or the wrong question to ask, I would also be curious to hear your thoughts.

I wouldn’t say it’s bad, just that it has myriad possible responses :smiley:

In our product, for instance, we use HAProxy for part of our infrastructure (caching certain outbound HTTP Get requests), Varnish for another (where we generate multiple images a second, which the front-end consumes), http-proxy plugged into Meteor as an authentication proxy for certain services only accessible via HTTP, and NGINX as reverse proxy in front of everything.

Personally I recommend a reverse proxy in front of Meteor in any case, even if you have a CDN. There are several blogs telling you how to configure it. There are very rare cases (Cloudflare & maybe other CDNs that obscure your IP) in which you may forego that.


Yes I use similar, with nginx and geocaching and asset routing on the nameserver level via cloudflare pro

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@drone1, I am using Cloudflare and Nginx. Refer to this thread for configuration tips:

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