Blaze is going to stay in Meteor 1.3?

Not sure, but I have read somewhere in the forum here that MDG is reconsidering not to discard Blaze in Meteor 1.3. Blaze will be available as an option while ReactJS will be the default. Is it true? Anyone who can guide me or can share the forum post which I am not able to fine again?

I am not sure which forum post you are referring to. There are many :slightly_smiling:

Anyway, blaze will be there and you will be able to use it. Now sure on what will come with the default app creation.


Thanks for your quick response :slightly_smiling:

I think you mean this one.


Nope, I think he is talking about this one:

They have posted the official responses above, but basically, they reconsidered removing Blaze. They want to equally support Blaze/React/Angular. Blaze is still their “default” recommendation. Although they may change their default recommendation in the future once the negatives of React vs Blaze are worked out, it seems they would like to still support Blaze.

My interpretation of this is that they don’t want Blaze users to feel like they are being shafted. Once React is solid enough to replace Blaze as the main recommendation, we will probably not see any further updates on Blaze. But actual Blaze support seems like it is going to stay.

(If anyone from MDG could confirm this, I think it would help alleviate some of the worry the community has right now. As it was worded, people are not sure if “changing the recommendation” means Blaze support will be abandoned. But the article did mention that all 3 would be treated as full members of Meteor.

As a Meteor developer, I have much of a project finished in Blaze. But this project is probably going to go on for at least 1.5-2 years. If Blaze is going to be abandoned, I would switch now. But if it is for sure going to at least be supported in the future, I would stay on Blaze for this project.

As mentioned, my interpretation was that it would not be abandoned. But a confirmation of this would alleviate a LOT of the worry in the community! If it’s not the main recommendation, that’s fine, as long as it at least works for the people who built large apps around it!)


He mentioned ‘MDG is reconsidering not to discard Blaze’. The first post by
gschmitt that you linked to is the one where MDG was discarding Blaze.
There was a sh!tstorm and the second post that I linked to was where it was
ambiguously retracted to say they are supporting all three frontends until
React and Angular gets up to speed with Blaze. In any case, it’s good to
read both.

Thanks for your messages. arunoda who is a moderator has confirmed that Blaze is going to stay - which means blaze is going to stay.

I personally like ReactJS and my team has started using ReactJS. But we are working on a project where we need to use ReactionCommerce and as RC is using blaze - it was difficult for us to use ReactJS, so just cleared my confusion.

You want to read this one. It’s more recent.

Matt de Bergalis -

“If you have an existing app in Blaze you’re fine…in Meteor 1.3”

"If your starting a new fast/proof of concept/weekend project we still Blaze as a really great way to build an app quickly…"
Blaze is going to community. I’d expect 1.4 it will all be angular2 and react

Meteor Night:


Thanks @pal. Thanks for sharing this info. I also watched Meteor Night Video. It was very helpful :slight_smile:

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Your welcome.
Its always better to hear from the source.
Personally, I’ll have to raise my game and also put more resources into projects. its going to be a year of learning and adapting to new ways - ES2015, react ecosystem, GraphQL, npm (I was drawn to Meteor partly to get away from npm, however - go figure :slight_smile:
(aside: perhaps Atmosphere could become a curated Meteor friendly npm-list - where community can comment gotchas, successes etc…)
Cant wait for the dust to settle on 1.3 though so I can get going

Yes @pal. I am also eagerly waiting for Meteor 1.3 [Stable release] :slight_smile: