Building CampaignHawk: Mapbox and Data (Part 9)


Continuing the discussion from Building CampaignHawk: Connecting Modals with React (Part 8):

Part 9, in which we finally start working with Mapbox and some data. This is where things start to get interesting.

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These articles are awesome!

I would really love to know how you organise your time between coding and blog writing, because I really struggle. After I’ve been head-down coding, I can’t seem to break off and organise what I did into a coherent article before I’ve moved on to the next coding challenge.

How do you enforce the discipline to produce such high quality articles so frequently?


@robfallows Haha to be honest, I do it by spending an inordinate amount of time writing articles.

As I’m coding, I have a notepad open and whenever I make a significant change, I note it so I don’t forget to include it in the article. Then I go over my commit history to try to piece together what I did and figure out how to explain it in a way that makes sense to someone other than me.

The most recent articles have taken >60 minutes to write, while the code only takes 10-15 minutes.


That’s a good tip. I guess if not too much time has elapsed that would work for me.

Thanks :smile:


@samcorcos Hi, I’m learning a lot with your tutorial, thanks again!

I have an error when i try to get the data. I copied the function from the link.

Any idea?


Looks like your post request worked properly, but your get request is broken. Can you log from the post request and let me know what you get?


Resolved. I had accessCode inside public in settings.json. So the login was invalid.



@samcorcos I’m following your article and tweaking a few things here and there, like I have my side panel and map in a flexbox with an auto-shrinking side-panel. But I’m having some issues getting the map to appear. I’ve added the meteor package and the API keys, the map seemingly loads (I have zoom controls top-left) but no map… just blank!

Any idea’s as to where I might have gone wrong!? Or perhaps the mapbox javascript doesn’t like being loaded into a flexbox!? :confounded:


@samcorcos You still around?


Hey, I haven’t been checking the forums much lately. I would guess that the map does not like being in a flexbox. It needs to have a definite height in order to render.