Can you recommend flowrouter-ssr?

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Oh no, it’s another Nibiru is going to collide with the Earth thread.

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Where are you heading at? I haven’t found an alternative yet that offers the same level of integration out of the box (like DDP, reactivity, mobile support).

Yes, Nginx disk cache. I look for a cookie to make sure I only cache logged out users. The cookie is set as part of the fastRender package.

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Thanks, sounds good!

We have a production app so moving away is even harder and yes you might not be able to find everything working out of the box in other frameworks & technologies as well. I still think Meteor is quite good if you want to make a MVP for a business because it builds up very fast and doesn’t need lots of developers but after some time you start to hit different problems when you want to expand or even while you are trying to maintain your current application.

There are many other node frameworks you can go for but you should know why you are leaving meteor first. For me it was meteor dependency on community supported packages. For example if you want ssr there is no official package and all are community driven, the same thing goes for server-side router, … And yes you can develop your own and I’m sure many have already done but we had to make a decision before starting to make our own extensions of meteor core, so we created a mock-up of every change needed then calculated the cost and time and after that we decided not to go that way. Right now we are in process of moving the app from meteor to combination hapijs +, it is not easy at all but after many discussions we had inside the team we are sure about it.

kodec didn’t quite get the memo that react-router and other things like that can now be accessed directly through npm, though.

How I know? Because I’m currently happily using the latest release version of react-router. With TypeScript, even!


Months later - anyone had any luck getting SSR or good SEO with Blaze?

I just started using Picker. Worked fine. It’s as abandoned as most Arunoda packages. But the code is quite simple, so it’s not a problem to fork it if needed.