Can't publish new package: Error: socket hang up

Worked for me too. Thank you. Thank you!

BTW, I just published three new packages. Feel free to check them out:

  • dpankros:timer - Basic timer functionality (you can search atmosphere for it, if you’re interested)
  • dpankros:multipage-form - Autoform add on for complex mutli-page form flows.
  • dpankros:bootstrap-alerts - Bootstrap3 alerts with autodismiss and categories. You can define multiple locations for alerts that and appear independently.

I developed these as part of a separate app, but I figured I’d open source these parts. Enjoy!

Hey all,

One of the issues raised by this thread, is the difficulty of getting in touch with MDG about certain kinds of infrastructure outages. Forums and Github issues are not a reliable way to do this – we try to check them regularly, but the turn-around time can get pretty long. If you have urgent infrastructure issues, like being unable to publish packages, a quicker way to get in touch with us is by email We are working on a better solution, but I wanted to get this out for now. I can only imagine how frustrating this experience has been.

In this particular case, the error only manifested for a subset of users. For example, I could reproduce it, but it didn’t initially effect anyone else in the MDG office. (It was related to the last time that someone logged into their Meteor Developer Account). We are always working on improving our monitoring, but there is no guarantee that we would have caught something like that. So, thank you for the reports!

  • Ekate
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