Can't run meteor

For Windows:

  1. Install chocolatey.
  2. From a PowerShell administrator prompt:
    • choco install meteor
  3. Close the PowerShell administrator window.
  4. Start a normal user PowerShell window.
    You should now be able to do meteor create myproject.

But I couldn’t install meteor by this method. I tried it several times!!

That was not obvious from your posts.

What version of Windows?

My windows version is 8.1

My surprise is I’ve worked with it before but this time I can’t.
I get this message:

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.3.9600]
(c) 2013 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

C:\Users\lingo57>cd meteor

C:\Users\lingo57\Meteor>cd meteor_try

C:\Users\lingo57\Meteor\Meteor_Try>meteor run
      throw error;

Error: EPERM: operation not permitted, unlink 'C:\Users\lingo57\Meteor\Meteor_Tr
    at Object.fs.unlinkSync (fs.js:1061:18)
    at exports.makeLink (C:\tools\cli\dev-bundle-links.js:20:8)
    at exports.ReleaseFile.ensureDevBundleLink (C:\tools\project-context.js:1507
    at exports.ReleaseFile._readFile (C:\tools\project-context.js:1441:10)
    at new exports.ReleaseFile (C:\tools\project-context.js:1391:8)
    at C:\tools\cli\main.js:923:22



That was an issue with npm 5.4, but it’s been fixed with npm 5.6. Meteor 1.6.1 uses npm 5.6. I’m wondering if you’ve installed node.js and npm separately from Meteor and used npm commands instead of meteor npm commands at some time.

Try removing your local folder

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You mean just removing my local folder inside meteor?
By this method meteor runs but All information is in the database is lost!!

Can you please explain more on what you mean.
Should I install npm 5.6?

Yes, the simplest fix for a local meteor install issue is to run meteor reset or delete your .meteor/local folder.

And yes this will delete your development db. Which is why you shouldn’t put data in the development db that has to stay there.

For development I recommend putting some fixtures (a basic set of data for development purposes) in your server startup files. Then you can safely wipe your db and it will be re-created and populated on the next run

`meteor reset` 

is not working just keep downloading meteor tools and nothing happens!!!

Did you try the or branch?

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Can you explain more on what you mean? I can’t understand.

delete your .meteor/local folder.


If you have installed node.js and npm, you should uninstall them*. Meteor comes with the versions of these it needs.

Have you tried building a new project?

C:\Users\lingo57>cd meteor
C:\Users\lingo57>meteor create testapp
C:\Users\lingo57>cd testapp
C:\Users\lingo57>meteor run

If that works, your basic Meteor installation is good.

* Until you have got your Meteor installation working.

Yes, I can create new projects but when I stop working and start again I face this problem and error.

Have you by any chance moved the folder containing your meteor app?

I noticed today that moving the project folder on Windows causes exactly this error

i download examples -todos ,after meteor npm install , when i try meteor it download meteor-tools@ . and it is extremely slowly and i wonder where is wrong

It sounds like it’s updating your installation to the latest Meteor. On Windows that can take quite a long time. On my i7 laptop with SSD and fast Internet, it still takes about 15 minutes. On a slower machine, or slow network, it will take even longer.

Can you just leave it to finish?

Reminds me of issues I had when re-installing meteor.

The suggestion to disable window defender and any antivirus programms solved it.

See [Resolved] Windows choco install meteor does not finish

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No, I didn’t move it.

I can’t even update this project!!