Code editor of choice?


I left WebStorm due to its resource hogginess. Java applications, man. :disappointed:

I now use Atom + Nuclide, with a handful of packages. It’s certainly not as feature-rich as WebStorm (nothing is, IMO), but it’s fast and works well.


did you try VS Code? I hear good things about it. We are on Webstorm. I tried VS Code briefly, but was too unproductive because I don’t know any of the shortcuts. But I’m planning to spend more time with it again, esp. because we’re interested in switching to TypeScript


I bounced back and forth between Nuclide and VS Studio for awhile. I actually forget why I chose the former. :slight_smile: Formatting issues maybe, or maybe VS was just too new. But I’m also a fan of Facebook tools (Flow, Jest) so that environment works for me.


I think phpstorm = webstorm + PHP.

It just needs the right plugins to be installed in it.


New webstorm 2017 is good at new ‘import’ features introduced in Meteor.


I switched from Webstorm to Visual Studio Code a year ago. Webstorm is still great, but I started to like the lightweight simplicity of Visual Studio Code.


My journey over the years…

Coda > Sublime > Atom > VSCode