Code editor of choice?

A few years ago Coda was my favourite editor, but back then I was using mostly PHP and Perl.

I have since been using Sublime Text and can’t really fault it.
Only just now have I come across WebStorm - I am keen to give it a try! With that in mind, I thought I would ask what everyone else uses. I suspect most would be Sublime Text users since most of the tutorial screenshots I have seen look like Sublime.

Edit: @maxhodges created a poll here - results to the poll are here. Take a look and cast your vote.


I love Sublime Text, because it’s fast but simple, and has a nice UI with a file browser, tabs, and some simple layout options.


I used to use Sublime Text also but recently found WebStorm and am loving it. It has a fantastic diff tool and JavaScript debugging.

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I use sublime text. I have tried atom but not using it because it consumes huge chunk of my RAM in windows.

I use VIM for just about everything now. I love it! :heart_eyes:


I used to use ST2 but a couple months ago I switched to Brackets. I can’t beat the quick edit feature and there are some great extensions for it such as Brackets Git. It would be nice to have some Meteor specific features though. Some community created extensions would be great, in particular a quick edit for templates so you could edit partials inline at the point where they are included would be a really nice feature.

I’ve also tried Atom, but it really didn’t seem that polished compared to other editors.




I previously used Sublime. It was nice and light weight.

I am now using WebStorm. It is a full IDE that supports Meteor. It has a built in debugger that allows you to set breakpoints and examine variables. Although I’ve had problems with breakpoints, but perhaps related to Coffeescript.

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I am just downloading the trial now. Very interested to see how it goes.

Does the debugger work well???

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For quick edits I use Atom, everything else gets opened in PHPStorm (WebStorms bigger brother with support for SQL databases, which comes in handy more often than I’d think).


In the past year, I tried Atom, Sublime Text, Bracket and WebStorm. My ranking: 1. WebStorm (far ahead, although weird sometimes), 2. Bracket, 3. Sublime Text, 4. Atom.

I am using Vim with iTerm2 (with tmux support) and recently WebStorm.


+1 for Sublime Text!


Sublime Text here too but I most admit I love the quick edit feature of Bracket.

+2 for WebStorm
Powerful refactoring, serverside debugging


Atom :smile:
with a lot of packages


Hope you are the only person who use ST at MDG :smile:

Webstorm all the way! :slight_smile: Love there Local History, Debugging and Re-factoring features! Its a little bit heavy in term in RAM consumption and loading but its worth it!

I’ve used Sublime Text 3 previously but looking more into from GitHub at the moment. UI wise similart to ST3 but OpenSource and already backed from quite a good plugin/module infrastructure. Think i will go with that for a while and see how it turns out.


Brackets with a few extensions (git, theming, auto-indentation) does the job for me