Collections schema generator

Hi all,
lately I got in love with autoform and now I’m thinking about a collections schema generator (aldeed:simple-schema required) or kind of a dynamic collections tool to administrate your collections in the client.
Kind of like rockmongo or phpmyadmin… surely based on houston package with a + button :smile:
So basically it should be a collection that holds collections schema who would be dynamically declared to server I guess…
Did someone already did it ?
I’m wanting to give it a try, can someone throw me a bone ?

Thank you for the reading and help

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There is Mongol: Mongol - The insanely handy development package for Meteor - is that the sort of tool you’re thinking of?

I know (and use mongol) but it’s only for local and to show/edit documents in selected collections.
What I want is the ability to create collections and edit the attached schema in the client.