Coming from Old School Python, here's my take on Meteor after 1 week

imho, people should just stop using coffee script (unpopular I know). It’s overly complex when ECMAscript does everything just fine.

Meteor is buggy? I don’t really think so. The only thing I run into frequently since 1.3 is fstat failing and crashing app on live reloads

Perhaps I made my post a little bit irreverent to ensure I got some responses. For that, my apologies, but it seems to have worked because this discussion has opened my mind, and I’m going at Meteor now with a clean slate, leaving old biases behind.

A big part of my learning strategy is embracing tools for test driven development. Buggy Meteor is not, but sometimes things fail silently in a way I’m not used to.

Thanks again for many generous responses.


ES6 is extremely modern. If you’re using Coffeescript, unfortunately that’ll be lost on you. Coffeescript has few benefits other than looking superficially Pythonic, and it’s really just going to slow your progression in JS.

Python is awesome. Really awesome. Javascript won’t make you stop liking Python, nor should it. But I’m confident that if you dive deep into modern JS, you’ll begin to love it. It shines in areas where Python struggles and seems forced, and vice versa.

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Peter1, that is exactly the approach I’m taking now based on the feedback from this thread. I have to learn The Canon before I’m entitled to criticize it :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s really oldschool, but it gets a revival :grin: