Community package docs, demos and other important websites on *

I’m not reading the 67 posts of the thread, so I don’t know if someone has suggested this already.

What about a free * instance for every atmosphere package? Demos & documentation for the packages should be hosted by meteor IMHO.

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That wouldn’t change things. Instead of doing meteor deploy mysite people would do meteor publish mysite-empty-package && meteor deploy mysite.


Hey great news - we’re going to talk about this on the next TRANSMISSION show, with the Meteor and Galaxy project managers, @zoltan and @rohit2b. Show is recording on Friday and will come out next week! Get notified when the show comes out, and help ask questions here:

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A few package demos that I currently run on for packages at for for the editable text packages at

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I have and for the tunguska:gauge and tunguska:gauge-themes packages.

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We’ll be working directly with a set of popular package authors behind the demo/doc sites below to migrate their * app to a special instance of Galaxy free of charge. If you see a popular or very useful package demo site missing from this list, you’re welcome to request access and nominate yourself or another contributor’s package demo site.


Please don’t forget about Meteor Icon -

It is being used by many Meteor packages including useraccounts, ryw:blog, and mquandalle:jade. It was also a 2015 Global Distributed Hackathon winner for the best app under 100 lines of JS.


When deploying to Galaxy, should we use the * package hostname as a target hostname?

Almost, it’s actually * e.g. meteor deploy <custom.subdomain>. --settings path-to-settings.json

And recommended way is to use mlab for MongoDB? The free tier (single-node) does support oplog tailing?

Maybe some instructions how to migrate would be useful. :slight_smile:

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Please see all the various migration docs & links from the original post on the other thread. The free tier of MLab doesn’t support oplog; you’ll need to use a Shared instance in order to use oplog for your app.

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Hm, old HTTPS addressed do not work anymore. For example, opening gives me a HTTPS error.

@sashko: just letting you guys know that i find it SOOOOOOOO frustrating that you guys shut down * for all existing BLAZE-packages out there!!! WHAT where you thinking??? You killed years of efforts put into your platform by open-source developers!!!

Just think about all the abandoned but still working & usable packages out there that did NOT make the manual switch. The demo-sites are a BIG PART of the docs - you guys should really really try to find a way to automatically redirect & mirror them to the new

Today I searched for some Blaze-packages and 70% still direct to * :confounded: :persevere:

Do you see a way to automatically redirect & mirror those?

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@marktrang: I really DO NOT get this. Any developer putting a package out on atmosphere is enhancing your product - for FREE!!! She or he should have access to a free tier for the packages demo-site. At the end of the day, server-load will only add if the package gets popular. Otherwise you will host it, BUT it will NOT take any CPU as there is NO traffik.

So what’s the problem here?

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I wouldn’t be as aggressive as thebarty but I generally agree, yes it would be nice to have easier access to a package account. We’ve been waiting for one for a while, we’ll probably end up just hosting it ourself now, even with the risk of not being able to pay for it in the future.

I understand though that you would have to pay for AWS instances, so no super bad feelings there.

I really have to agree… a few days I was at a client. We were walking through a project and I said: “Did you look into Meteor-Useraccounts if they have templates for Materialize”? And I checked on the project page… Yeah, they have one! And of course we’d have to take a look how it’d look in materialize. And of course… the link was dead.

That project. It supports seven different frontend frameworks. Seven. Works with both iron-router and flow-router. Has been translated and is readily available to kickstart and secure your next Meteor project in 35 languages out of the box at my current manual count.

There is rarely a package as well-rounded and thought-out and extendable and embeddable and awesome as this one.

Imagine my heartache as I hovered over the link and saw the “*” example links.

This is a real tragedy for all the package authors.

Why not put out a bounty for somebody or an intern to surf through the most popular packages and contact the authors and offer them space on preconfigured galaxy instances?

I think it’d be a good opportunity to show some support for the community.

Just my 9-5 cents, it’s just my opinion and I just wanted to let you know how I feel about that too.

I wouldn’t be as aggressive either, because MDG do allow developers to host their open-source projects on Galaxy, just check a few posts back:

So, authors themselves are responsible for deployment to Galaxy and if some app has not been deployed yet, you should check with the author first.

If you’re a developer of an open-source project, you should first contact MDG support and ask if they can host it for you. From my experience, they usually do if a particular project is meaningful to the broader community.

Finally, I can’t say for sure, but I’d say that most (all?) old * links are forwarded to * (mine are) which makes more sense anyway.

Not to mention that useraccounts is also pretty dead because they relay on Blaze and now everything has to be migrated to React and nobody has time to do it.

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Hi all, new Meteor developer here and eager to help! I was thinking, we all have access to free tiers of AWS, OpenShift and the like. What if we forked some repos and hosted them? If there are packages that are very important, but appear to be dying, perhaps we should work on those first? How can I help?

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