Component level subscription, howto

I am finally trying to make the switch from Blaze to React and am having troubles to understand one simple concept I used all over the place with Blaze: template level subscriptions. I think I understand how subscriptions are done withTracker, but none of the examples I have found so far show how to stop the subscription. I want to understand how the blaze pattern of subscribing to data in the onCreated hook of a template and the automatic stopping of the subscription when destroying the template is done in react.

Any pointers welcome.

I believe the subscription is stopped when the component unmounts, so you may want to structure your app in such a way that components which are wrapped in withTracker get unmounted when their corresponding subscriptions are no longer needed.

Also, see below:

You can always stop() a subscription using the handle Meteor.subscribe returns if you want to take it into you own hands.

The project seems dead, but it demonstrates a way how to do it with a HOC.

Too much has changed in 3 years that I would want to use the react-meteor-subscribe wrapper.

I would have thought that the lifecycle method componentWillUnmount should be used to stop a subscription, but it doesn’t have access to the subscription handle created in the withTracker call

Hi Jamgold,

As eicksl has pointed out, withTracker unsubcribes when the component is unmounted and it does it automatically so you dont have to worry about it.

If you want to unsubscribe manually I think you can pass the handler as a prop to the component and use handler.stop()


export default withTracker(({ id }) => {
  const handler = Meteor.subscribe('subscription', param);
  const loading = !handler.ready();

  return {

Let me know if this helps you.

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Thank you, @pmogollon. That helped a lot, particularly the hint about returning the handle.

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