Deploy to galaxy on windows 11 fails (but works on windows 10)

I have three computers. Two with windows 10, and a new one with windows 11.

The windows 11 Pc for all I do fails to deploy to galaxy with the error below. A bcrypt thing perhaps…

My app builds and runs locally on all three.
All have node v14.18.2 and npm6.14.15.
Only the windows 11 rig fails every time, same error.
Both windows 10 rigs deploy flawlessly.
I have tried different node versions and reinstalling bcrypt, meteor, clearing out node_modules and the meteor folder.

No idea if it really is windows 11 causing this. As far as I know everything is the same save the OS… Anyone else?

Hi @theslantedroom, can you open a ticket on providing your app hostname so we can check your logs?

Sure thing! just email that address?

yes, please do it.


Hi, have you checked this post?

I believe your problem is related to node-gyp on Windows 11.

Thank You! Trying it now, will report back!

I did try the things that post suggest but the issue remains identical. I wonder why I can build and run locally, but only once the galaxy server tries to install packages it fails…?