Did smart-collections package remove from Atmosphere?

I have seen a guide from meteor hacks blog https://meteorhacks.com/introducing-smart-collections.
when i try to install it. it said no such a package found.

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If you read the github readme you will see that this is no longer supported and the code hasn’t been updated for two years. The issues it was written to fix have long since been addressed by core Meteor.

TL;DR - you don’t need it!


thanks. My Insertion seem so slow when records up to 8000 docs. that’s why i just want to find the way to speed up :slight_smile:

hey mingliang7, did you solve the problem of your slow insertions? I’m currently facing kind of the same problem and looking for a solution…

Yes I do. The reason is just because your methods on client just like find,
findone or any huge methods. It can cause it to become slow. Right now my
records is up to 100000. It seems OK.

So what exactly did you do? :confused:
Should I move the methods to the server?

Did you use any autoform hook on insert with a big methods ?

are you referring to the meteor-autoform package? then no, it’s pretty basic stuff.

you can read about the details here:

When I first tried meteor I like to do things with client just like update or insert and any other logic but it was a pain when records increased. Later on i moved all of that logic to server so I figured out that it really fast. So you should try it. And don’t forget auto form I think this package is really great :slight_smile: however try to understand more about pub/sub also. Hope this can help u

Thanks for the advice! :smile:
So, are you not using pub/sub at all? Are you handling everything via Meteor methods?

I also use pub/sub. But because all my project depend on tabular package so I don’t really need to use pub/sub much. http://themeteorchef.com/ this blog might can help u more

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Great stuff, thanks :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. Hope u can solve it