Distributing a meteor app globally?

Any documentation on this that servers multiple app servers and multiple MONGODB instances to support worldwide clusters?

Trying to scale our meteor app and wondering the best way to do this?

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As of December 2023, MongoDB part is easy, Atlas provides easy world wide cluster setup with just a few clicks (though you have to be on the M30 container size, so things get expensive pretty quickly).

Atlas has a really impressive offering in this.

For Meteor, Galaxy offers hosting on AWS in 3 regions:
Now you can request your own location deployment for Galaxy, but that is going to cost you the setup fee and monthly maintenance fee (until the cluster has enough deployments to sustain itself, taken that you open it to the general public) in addition to the cost of running your containers. The problem is that since each deployment is separate it is not as easy to manage a new deploy and so on.

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@storyteller the forum is pranking us … I also replied to something from 2016 …

It is my fault (see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNogyc_mzoY&t=28s and Categorizing uncategorized topics), but it is good to reply to these things.

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