EARLY RELEASE: Introducing www.bernforce.com, a new website for grassroots organizing for Bernie Sanders


This tool allows you to set a location and see all of the local activities and discussions that have been taking place. A Post must have a title at the very least, and you can also add a primary link, text, address and date/time.

You can also create posts at the local, state or general levels. So if you are in New Jersey, for example, just set your location to a city in the Garden State you can have a Reddit-like feed of posts that are applicable to your state.

You can set your location to any place you like, so if you live somewhere else, you can join the local discussion, too.

This is an early release and I’ll be adding new features on an ongoing basis. Will you give it a try? Send me an email at info@bernforce.com if you have any thoughts.

It’s built using Meteor 1.3 and React, and it’s running on Galaxy with MongoLab for the database.


will you be updating this to TrumpTrain.com?


+1 for using Semantic-UI


Watching the GOP convention I can see? :slight_smile: