Easy AWS Hosting for Meteor with auto scaling

Hi everyone! We are still alive… We don’t have much time to answer all your questions but Waves is alive and working. We are using it for many other projects.


We’re running Waves for our company’s core product. Our deploys are done in a CI environment (we were using Codeship and now switched to Github Actions) with all the cool features like autoscaling and zero downtime. I couldn’t be happier with this setup. It took me two to three days to get everything working but after that, zero maintenance needed.

If you take a closer look, Waves is actually a wrapper for elastic beanstalk, with a much friendlier interface. If you already understand how beanstalk works, you probably could setup this in less than one hour.

Regarding some mentioned points:

This is not true at all. We just copied or settings file once when we were setting the environment up. This would be true if you’re changing your settings.json all the time, as you need to manually copy-paste your file in their platform. From my point of view, this isn’t a big pain point as settings.json is not meant to be updated regularly.

About the lack of support, I guess Nicolas and his team have other businesses and Waves was born to solve their problems. I assume Waves hasn’t got enough traction either generated enough revenue yet to hire full-time employees. As an entrepreneur, I fully understand (and respect) their decision of not prioritizing Waves. I’m happy the service is still on and would love to help them out. Maybe open-source some part of it? I guess the community could help figure some things out @nicolaslopezj

Last but not least, the questions about GDPR, privacy, compliancy: yes, this is a very critical topic. It could even prevent some companies and users of giving the product a shot. Maybe we could hear some thoughts from Waves team about this?


Thank you for your input, but I’d like to point out (and I’m not interested in derailing this conversation or bickering with you) that it’s inaccurate and not very helpful to say it’s “not true at all” that, as I said, “you have to copy/paste your settings file every time you want to deploy. This is error-prone and some kind of CLI support is needed IMO.” Obviously this is very much true in some cases, as you yourself point out right afterwards: “This would be true if…” For larger projects especially, having to manage another human step of manually copying and pasting your settings.json file into a website is necessarily error-prone and not scale-friendly.

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Sorry for that! As a non-native English speaker, sometimes my choice of words might not be the best. Definitely didn’t want to sound aggressive or something like that :flushed:.

And yes, I agree that it could lead to human errors and therefore, it’s something that could be improved. As I said, for me is not a big pain, but it’s something to consider if you’re regularly updating the settings.

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Ah okay, understood! Thank you.


Hi everyone,

Waves is now free and open source

As I my personal priorities changed I don’t have more time to maintain Waves hosting. I still use it for many projects so I will still keep running this service for many years more.

Thank you everyone who paid and used this service!


Awesome. Thanks @nicolaslopezj for all your work on it!

For others that are interested in helping maintain, I opened a small pull request to update the solution stack name for Amazon Linux 2 and Node 14. Without this, you’re currently unable to use Waves for new apps and existing apps will be stuck on a deprecated Amazon Linux platform. Please have a look: https://github.com/nicolaslopezj/waveshosting/pull/1


Could you update the Github repo to have instructions on how to use this codebase to self-host a Waves setup?

This might help folks get started with the repo, and then being able to contribute updates as they go along.

Would go a long way to keeping the project alive.

BTW, good luck on your new projects :slight_smile: