Evangelizing Meteor externally

I’ll be blunt: We need to get more people speaking and presenting to the JavaScript community.

JS Nation is still accepting submissions for presentations for their June 2022 conference. If there’s anyone here who is preparing material for an upcoming Meteor meetup, or for Impact, please make a submission.

I also think a presentation from someone on the core team of what Meteor is and what’s been done lately, and why it still matters today even with the onslaught of other frameworks and trends is a good first step and a way to start priming the developer pipeline again. This has to be someone from Meteor Software to signal that there is unwavering commitment to the health of the framework from the core developer/sponsor/owner, and that Meteor still matters and stands out as a viable framework for building modern applications.

There are a lot of openings for speakers here. It would be a shame if Meteor did not take one or two of them.


My mistake. It looks like the CFP is closed,

However, we should keep our eyes out for these opportunities, and post them as they appear. Hopefully, this will create awareness of the events that are happening, and encourage members to get involved sharing what they know and have learned.


Here are some current conferences with open CFPs.

If you register for any, please reply below to share the information and let us know the title of your proposed presentation.

CFP Deadlines

April 13, 2022 - at Kalahari Resorts, PA!

April 15, 2022

Global Azure Day Sydney

ng-conf 2022 - Angular

April 20, 2022

April 24, 2022

April 28, 2022 - click on “Get Involved”

April 29, 2022

April 30, 2022

Cincy Deliver - Ohio (see page and submitted proposals for ideas)

May 1, 2022

May 5, 2022
Techorama Netherlands 2022

May 7, 2022

May 25, 2022- mobile

May 27, 2022 - Click on “HashiCorp FAQ” link to get the email for speaker enquiries

May 30, 2022 - Web Directions Code (web platform, PWA)

May 31, 2022

June 1, 2022

June 10, 2022 - middle of page, mobile

June 30, 2022 - Game developers

Web Directions AAA - front end accessibility

July 1, 2022

July 31, 2022 - Web Directions Safe (front end, privacy, security, identity)

October 14, 2022

November 17, 2022

No deadline given, but…*

UX Nordic in Aarhus is October, 2022

NordicJS in Stockholm is October, 2022

QCon San Francisco is October, 2022
QCon Plus is December, 2022

TestCon in Vilnius is October, 2022

Øredev in Malmö is October, 2022 - Contact them directly to enquire about presenting

Tech Leadership Summit is December, 2022 - scroll to the bottom and click “Speak at NFJS Events”

ArchConf 2022 is December, 2022 - scroll to the bottom and click “Speak at NFJS Events”

Progressive Web Experience is December, 2022 - scroll to the bottom and click “Speak at NFJS Events”


@alimgafar thanks a lot for this exhaustive info. Hopefully I can figure out something once I switch back full-time to Meteor.

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Wow, this is great! Thanks, @alimgafar! :grinning:

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Thanks so much for this list @alimgafar!

If someone is doing a presentation on any of these events, reach out to @kevintayong and we can try to provide some Meteor swags like mugs, and stickers. :slight_smile: