Facebook pulls the plug on Parse, what does it say about the future of React?


Facebook’s decision to close Parse angers developers: http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-35441445

At the time of its acquisition by Facebook, co-founder Ilyar Sukhar reassured users that Parse was “not going away”.

“It’s going to get better,” he wrote. “We are excited about the future of Parse”.

Parse will close on 28 January 2017.


Maybe they will shut down facebook.com as well.


This post gave me JavaScript fatigue.


Facebook builds Facebook with React. Facebook does not build Facebook with Parse.

Parse is/was a for profit, closed company. React is an open source tool, with a large ecosystem outside of Facebook.

I don’t believe Parse’s shutdown indicates anything, as it relates to React.

Keep building :).


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@sashko This topic gave me Javascript fatigue. :wink:


this actually made me lol – well played