First class support for Vue.js

Direct question, why do MDG seem to have very little interest in pushing official support Vue.js? Evan You works for for them, it is far easier to grok than React for many people (the Laravel community has flocked to Vue.js for their client-side apps for example) and would be a perfect companion to the Meteor ecosystem imo.

Yes, I’m already using it with Meteor before you ask. Thanks.

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I think @evanyou answered that here:

For MDG, Vue’s primary drawback is that it’s DOM-centric - it doesn’t address SSR and Native UI. Sure we can try to build SSR and VueNative, but React already has that. While Vue SSR is somewhat feasible, ReactNative has more than a dozen full time engineers working on it. MDG simply doesn’t have the resource to build a competing solution. The strategic decision lies between going with Vue and may just lose out on the native front in the long run, or ride with React and leverage what Facebook has built.


Ah, thanks - I had missed that. Damn, honest answer for sure, just far from ideal. :frowning:

@evanyou it’s been 2 years since that answer was posted. Are things different now regarding support for Native UI and SSR in Vue?

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SSR is in Vue 2, Native is still WIP

@robfallows that seems a bit outdated - Vue has SSR now and Weex is a branch of Vue for native support. Although I can not vouch for Weex as I have not tried it myself.

Well, yes, that was almost a year ago, so by definition it’s outdated.