Galaxy in Europe

Really hoping this will happen before we need to deploy our beta

+1 Same situation here :slight_smile:

Eagerly waiting here too. Will give the US east coast a go for beta, but hoping it will be rolled out in time for final release!

I would like to have support for AWS Frankfurt :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’ve been asking about this almost since day one. I don’t think it’ll be that much longer… Famous last words! Though my priority is solely on AWS EU-West Ireland for now.

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In my company we need our data to be in Germany, thats why we cannot use Galaxy, but we really want to use it. MDG we need you :slight_smile:


Hmm. I wonder if the silence on this issue is because of the fact that Galaxy only hosts Meteor, not MongoDB.
To have a working solution you need Galaxy plus some MongoDB hosting solution. And those can’t be too far apart, or latency will kill you.

So MDG can’t just expand to another AWS zone without having some 3rd party MongoDB provider.

So, I’m wondering along the same lines as @jesperwe - your data needs to be in Germany, but does the app (other than improved latency)?

Wel, there are services that provide MongoDB in Germany, so that’s not the problem. And if you have the data in Germany but your app is hosted in US, the round trip will be long and, at the end, you are sending the data to US. That’s why we cannot use it.

You mean like the vast majority of MongoDB as-a-service providers? MongoLab? etc. They all support AWS EU-West as a hosting target.

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Thanks for the interest. We have an extensive backlog of customer requested features that we’re working hard on. Multi-region is very high on that list.

Galaxy does not currently host your DB. We recommend checking out database as a service companies like mlab or compose who have datacenters around the world. Ideally, your app nodes and database would be co-located.

@jesperwe any radio silence is not intentional :slight_smile:


Brazil would be welcome too…

I’ve always wondered, how does it work for a worldwide website? Does the app check where this user is from so it directs him to servers in Europe? Does it happen randomly? Or is it better to keep everything in one data center?

Geolocation/latency-based DNS can lead your users to the right data-centers.

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Thanks a lot, will read! :slight_smile:

(sorry i totally forgot to like your post even if you helped me a lot, fixed now)

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Hi guys,
what the latest on this? As far as I can see the only datacenter supported is europe-west, which is in Ireland.

I`d love to use Galaxy, but can NOT use it here in germany, if it is NOT based in frankfurth.

Any chances of having this soon?

In light of Brexit, the issue of not having Galaxy in mainland Europe becomes more pressing. So I would also urge MDG to consider their options with regard to Frankfurt. No doubt MDG’s size here stipulates its own limitations, especially so when considering other parts of the world are not covered at all at this point. But still, Europe is a major market, especially for business oriented apps.

@domyen: Any news on this?

You know… Ireland is not in the United Kingdom. :slight_smile:


Bah, details! Who cares about those?