Generate Meteor style _id outside of Meteor


As I understand it, Meteor doesn’t use ObjectIDs in Mongo documents and instead generates a 17(?) character string for the _id. I want to get some plain Node.js stuff working with Meteor and it seems less hassle to use Meteor’s style instead of ObjectIDs (even though I much prefer the ObjectID way… bye bye timestamps)

So is this Meteor _id literally just 17 random [A-Za-z0-9] chars? Is it case sensitive? Is there any format I need to follow?


Take a look at the code for as that’s what is used to generate the ids

More specifically:


Awesome, thanks :smile: (and I have just noticed that is in the docs but I hadn’t looked in the Packages section right at the end)



No problem! See you tomorrow at the Cardiff Meetup!? :wink:


Yep I will be there!

And in case anyone else has a similar problem, here’s a server-only coffeescript gist to use with plain Node.js applications.

Use at your own risk :fire: