Good practices to use meteor build tools to generate a website and a mobile app, but no back end

I’m starting an application that already have a backend build in PHP. But I’d like to use meteor as my front end for both the website and the mobile app.

So, I’ll need to disable websockets, DDP… Export the result as a static site and export as a static app.

Honestly… the best things about meteor is minimongo, ddp, isomorphism. For front end, there are alot of people replacing spacebars with react, angular, ionic, etc… I wouldn’t be jumping onto the meteor bandwagon for a front end specific project even if the ground was on fire…

You could look through this thread: What's the minimal amount of packages required to run Meteor server-side only?

He wants it client-side only.

True, but the principle of removing the meteor-platform package and then adding required packages is still valid.

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Well, it looks like it creates more problem than it solves :frowning:

I think I’ll go with a basic gulp / react workflow.

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I just chanced upon this and take back my earlier opinion. It’s not only possible but people are already doing it, check it out: