Google Core update and the very bad impact on meteor apps (FCP/LCP/CLS) - Desperate call for help

I made a PR on the repo.

If you want to look at local state managment :

Thanks for the cleanup. As you moved the HelmetProvider to the App component I removed it from the main.jsx (I shouldn’t have put it there in the first place but it worked :D)

I think it’s ready to be posted to the public, just have to work on a small readme, I guess I’ll create a post for that afterwards if that’s ok with you ?

I’ll see if I get the time to work on the local state management even though I guess it’s a rarer use case.


Yes, you can make an announcement.
Local state management is not rare and quite useful, you can use it to sort, filter data without round trips to the server, you can also save client only data such as a cart, credentials, user preferences, …

But it’s not necessary to include it in the boilerplate because :

  • the documentation is quite straight forward
  • it’s not the main purpose of the boilerplate

Gotta say I never used them within Apollo, generally used other libraries (react-easy-state for example) for local state.

is it a full alternative to other state management library (redux, easy state, mobx…?)


yes, it as the same functionality while using graphql, and all apollo functionalities.
In my opinion, it’s much more simpler to understand and to use than redux and mobx.

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Thanks @nschwarz will have a look into it.

EDIT: Found the issue, the getStyleTags had to be part of the getMarkupTree function, otherwise can’t get the style if it’s not rendered to string yet. I think the last update is working now.


I just have a last issue with our repo. Somehow the style doesn’t seem to be rendering on server side anymore since the last cleanup but I ain’t sure why. Any idea ?