Grapher 1.3 has been released


@klabauter we only opened it so all donations will be redirected in form of bounty hunts to Grapher/Redis-Oplog.

@martineboh no problem, it’s been a pleasure working on it.


Hello guys I have some very shocking news, I made a SQL version of it using sequelize and join-monster and using Meteor & Apollo. To finally see how Grapher really compares to SQL (a relational database)

This is just a teaser, the only thing I can say is that the results are jaw-dropping, and they’re going to be released in Meteor Night stream. :smiley:


Released Grapher 1.3.6

  • Support for Meteor 1.7 (The node driver got updated and AggregationCursor was returned instead of actual result)
  • One small BC change for reducers that were using links of type one (It’s not really a BC break it’s a bug fix, but people who relied on using the array[0] for advanced reducer usages will have issues)


Release Grapher 1.3.7

  • Support for edge-cases with reducers that use links
  • Sync fetching for named queries
  • Improved performance for direct links by 5x !

The last element is absolutely crazy! With some small tweaks we managed to squeeze even more performance out of Grapher. This means that if we compare it again to SQL we should see even faster response times, it’s crazy…

Anyway, the single fact that this can be used along-side Apollo GraphQL makes it a crown jewel.

We had at some point serious thoughts for migrating Grapher to NPM & Typescript. While this is very possible, it involves too many resources, it involves splitting Grapher into like 4 different packages and we are enjoying too much the Meteor package system, and we as a company do not need it.


I’ve just finished the Grapher docs and it looks amazing! One question: If I use collection-hooks and use grapher’s createQuery to fetch the data, will I be able to use the hooks on the returned elements? And will the client’s minimongo be populated automatically? Or only when the query is reactive (e.g. it’s a pub/sub)?


Minimongo is only populated on reactive queries. And regarding hooks, yes, it still uses the Meteor mongo library.


Released 1.3.8

We come with a lot of stability fixes and edge-case handling, making Grapher more robust and more serious than ever.

Some nice things that were launched:

  • Fixes for $metadata links and cleaning up non-existing documents from links
  • Reducers can now safely use other reducers and properly compute them.
  • TypeScript types
  • Support for query projection operators
  • Some other small issues

This has been achieved thanks to the people in the community who have contributed and spent their time either working on a reproduction repo, either taking the courage and diving into the code and extend it.

Grapher is that kind of project close to my soul and many companies use it as their foundation for data fetching, and for a good reason.