Grapher 1.3 has been released

You can fix this easily and keep a local package while a working version is being released.

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Was this in response to my comment?

If so, where’s information for the fix?

Could be very useful as our initial deployment may happen on this coming Friday.

Hi @Spyridon
Here is the (small) fi to make grapher works with meteor 2.6 : Grapher 1.3 has been released - #73 by paulishca

Or better, you can clone this fork in your local packages folder and get goin’ !


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This didn’t seem to work for me, when attempting to add it gives this error:

Any ideas on how to fix this one?

You may have a look here

I just want to report that using the fork linked above, and the linked suggestion of of “meteor add matb33:collection-hooks@1.0.1!” did indeed work, in case anyone else runs in to similar issues!


Happy Thursday!

I’m trying to getCount() in a subscribeCount() query, but it’s not working, any ideas why? (the code is right, but the subscription is never ready and it loops)