GraphQL is production ready!

GraphQL is now officially production ready!

Enough companies are already using it in production, but the offical label is nice none the less :wink:

Other cool news is that GitHub now also has a GraphQL API!

Great new developments in the GraphQL scene. I only recently started using GraphQL and I’m enjoying it very much. The Apollo project and tools like GraphiQL make live so much easier… I was quite sceptical at first and mostly disliking the fact I had to learn yet another thing, but it’s an awesome technology.


Great News!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

@thea and I contributed the,, and pages to the new site! Really proud of it, but haven’t had a good opportunity to brag about it yet :]


Are using Reactivity with Apollo?

A bit late, but we just released an integration with Blaze:

Thats what we’re using at the moment. You can see more of the discussion in this thread:


Thanks @jamiter, is anyone using Apollo with Blaze these days? If I build a GraphQL server to service new apps, I also have a couple of legacy Blaze clients that could make use of data coming from the GraphQL server.

Hey @aadams, I wish I knew… DDP-Apollo is quite popular, but the blaze-apollo package doesn’t get much feedback. I also tried to improve the internals, but to be honest, working with ReactiveVars isn’t easy to control. And now that we’re moving to react ourselves I do not plan to invest in it to much.

There are still some Blaze fans around, but because it’s still tied to Meteor and development on it dropped close to zero I won’t bet on Blaze anymore. For legacy Blaze apps blaze-apollo will still do the job.

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Thanks! So for my legacy Blaze apps blaze-apollo you think will still work with the latest Apollo Client 2.0?

Yeah, we use it with Apollo Client 2 ourselves! Same external API, so it shouldn’t be a problem. In case you do run into anything, please open a ticket in the repo and we’ll look at it!

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