Help with Meteor 1.3, React, Mantra, and React Toolbox

There has been some chatter in different places with the work that is being done by @nathantreid and his packages to get CSS modules and SASS working with Meteor. I really need to get React-toolbox working with the most recent release candidate (rc4) so I can get a new production app underway with Meteor 1.3, React, and Mantra (I tried the webpack package, but it wasn’t working right with mantra. I’m sure it was something I was screwing up). Is there a workflow with the plethora of packages from @nathantreid to get this working yet? I know he was doing some updates, but I am totally confused with all the CSS module packages, recommendations, and advice from different people. I would really like to not use webpack and I am looking for the most simple solution to get it working.

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Did you see CSS Modules for Meteor (without Webpack)? @nathantreid succeeded, and that post includes a cloneable repro to kickstart a react-toolbox project.

Without cloning, but using the info there, I successfully integrated react-toolbox into an existing project (without webpack).