How can I implement (forgotten password)?


Can you help me? :frowning:


I would advice you to first run Meteor locally instead of mup until you get more familiar with process.envs in the platform.
Secondly I would also advice you to use Mailgun for now, instead of directly requesting to Gmail. This would allow you to pinpoint easier where the problem is originating, then after you know what breaks it and are more familiar with exporting env variables, you can move on to MUP.


I had an issue getting email set up when I was setting up verification emails. It ended up being because my password had some special characters that Meteor didn’t like. I changed my smtp server password to just upper, lowecase, and numbers and then it started working fine.


I solved! Using MailGun, thanks! :slight_smile: but when I click the reset token link, it returns to login, and the Reset New Password page does not appear! :frowning:

Please help me! :frowning:
Do you want to use the App? So try it out?