How did I migrate our app to new Async API (Meteor 2.8+)

It looks like it will work with both back-end and front-end codes.

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Yes, it really just flags any something.update/insert/remove... which is what we wanted.

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I just pushed some updates to make it works with typescript return type.

it now supports Meteor 2.9

I’m waiting for Meteor 2.10 migration document to update the tool.


Hi @minhna just want to check if you have made updates for Meteor 2.10 and beyond. Now with 3.0-alpha.11 coming out this will get renewed attention.

Also I’m thinking if it would be possible to include migration for common packages like the roles package which will soon include Async calls?

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By checking changelog, I don’t see the new core async function since 2.10 but I’m not sure about the core packages.
Your idea about including migration for common packages is very good. I’m thinking about that.

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I just interlink the 2 posts as they seem to be related Meteor 3.0 - async functions eslint plugin - #2 by copleykj