Humble Request for "Internal" Investigation

This become the horrible thing ever happened in the community. If someone is trying to stop free-speech in here, it will harm all of us. Managing community in a prehistoric way and locking a speech after spam messages can not be accepted.

Both parties should pay attention to their words. I’m not judging anyone without seeing their works and also don’t want to see bad words.


I would agree, it’s odd, and first time we see it here. New “members” joining the community to silence an old timer is unacceptable.

The author brought to our attention a valid concern, one might disagree with him or the way he expressed himself, I think it was poor and emotional, but not silencing him with fake accounts.

Meteor forum is full of long and heated debates because a lot of people here really care and deeply invested, it’s a good thing. And I think the author of the other thread had good intentions, and those passionate threads, usually end with “The thread ran it course”…

I would also echo the humble request of looking into this.

Like, I did the first comment about how bad you guys manners are. Why there’s a screenshot of two womens on this post? I mean, all my information is on my Meteor profile.

I’m contributing on the backstage to help Meteor get better in Developer Relations, but seeing that there’s many developers like you guys that is not even moving a finger to make Meteor 3.0 a real thing.

How long you guys gonna stay on this? I agree that is a valid concern that you folks, that still contributing in something that will turn into a huge piece of LEGACY in three months or less… But, I mean, heated discussion?

Let me say something then: “WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU GUYS??? WHAT THE FUCK YOU GUYS KNOW ABOUT METEOR 3.0??? WHAT THE FUCK YOU GUYS KNOW ABOUT HOW TO RAISE A COMMUNITY???” - If I get banned for that, your argument will be totally invalidated :stuck_out_tongue:

Being a member is totally different to manage a whole community. Meteor has a huge story on the OSS and see that the core contributors are calling some new person that joined the staff as a “chat bot”, just me made to think one thing: if you want to contribute, stay on the Tasks and Pull Requests. Like, you have no idea on how to talk to a person.

Have a nice day!


Contribution comes in many ways, and the community is one of them. Some of us are paying customers for years, funded different initiatives, some forked packages and the person the author was defending contributed tons.

You just joined, no need to insult the entire community.

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I just joined, like Tatiana just joined and heard the same stuff. But I mean, you said nothing about that.

So, what’s your point? When it comes to you and your friends, it make sense??

C’mon dude. Grow up.

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I would say welcome and let’s focus on 3.0.


@fredmaiaarantes Didn’t you closed the another disscusion because was unhealthy (ironically, when brazillians comes to defend a brazilian woman kk), so why tf this one is open? Are you really gonna let more women being more and more exposed? Are you really really serious?

Quantity =/= Quality.


Then you are new forum member. With all respect, I think new vocal accounts should be investigated, that’s my personal opinion.

But for new actual members, again welcome!

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Brazilian CEO addresses the community that is feeling attacked in his own native language and instead of praising him for being a multicultural polyglot you reprimand him because he is not speaking English? If I had to take a wild guess you are american.

The new accounts can be investigated as much as you want. Cry, scream, use as many screenshots and poor judgment comments as you want, the fact that you cannot logically justify the use of funds for investigating something that is clearly and openly being talked about is obsessively resonating in your mind.
Your little FBI game has already yielded you all the information possible. No need for investigation, just take the heat and let it be.

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Fair, my personal opinion is of that time and funds should be directed towards improvement of the framework and not investigating new accounts. If you so much want to limit new accounts to be vocal, put into vigor a 3 day mute or whatever time frame necessary to satisfy your request.

Thanks for the welcome, it has been a wild ride from the get-go

Well, I think we agree on the importantce of 3.0 and having an inclusive/respectful forum.

Anyway, welcome again to the new members from any spot on the globe and looking forward to see more passionate people on the forum and people contributing to packages update for 3.0.


Now this is a proper response to all of this. If this was upheld from the beginning, all of this shitshow would have been avoided.

Thank you for the warm welcome and let’s focus on the right goals, the framework.


I can say for myself that I did not even know Meteor’s CEO was brazilian, and I don’t know Fred either. I’m not his “friend”.

It’s simply impossible to read the previous topic and not realize that Tatiana was being — simply put — harassed. I came here to defend her because I’ve known her work for years.

Secondly, Fred has no obligation whatsoever to tweet in english in his personal Twitter account. Feel free to either learn portuguese or use a translation tool. He’s very patient and I admire that he also made a post in english.

The reason lots of folks jumped here to defend Tatiana is simply because she’s well known in the community and admired for her work, and people are willing to come here defend her. That’s all.


I saw this thread earlier today but decided to refrain from participating in the hope that everything would calm down plus this has drifted waaaaay beyond what was originally intended. My original intentions were to let MS know that stopping GH sponsorship along with the new DevRel hire weren’t the best decisions. That’s it!

Now, it has become us vs them and me being accused of being a misogynist/xenophobe.

It’s truly perplexing to me how not agreeing with the decision of hiring John which I listed my reasons for here has to with his gender??? I never attacked him based on his gender. Why and when did you tie my criticism to his gender? If he’s man, I’d still have the same criticism. If he’s Jesus, I’d still have the same criticism. Why? because it was independent of his gender in the first place!!! Even @paulishca merely referencing a screenshot to show the mobbing is deleted because it contains two females??? I didn’t think of it that way at all, until I read the replies in this thread.

Did I use strong language? Yes. Was I emotional about this whole thing? Yes. But take note of two important things. First, I didn’t hurl insults at someone specifically “Fuck you [insert name]”. Second, by using strong language I know that I’m inviting others to do the same. I was/still willing to receive punches back. Which happened and I’m ok with it. Closing the thread and giving in to the mob isn’t the best way to solve this either.

Finally, this is sapping energy from all of us at an ultra critical time for Meteor. Meteor 3.0 is about to be released and we need all hands on deck not in-fighting. I made my points clear and I hope we can it over with.


It’s really sad that this is being treated as an argumentative space by the staff, at the point that someone attack another person by saying to divide her salary among other contributors it’s not an argumentative space anymore, it should be closed. Although I’m quite sad to be exposed in a screenshot when I was trying to defend a woman, this is really frustrating and make me wonder the values of this project with his employees/members.


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So @harry97 looks like Tatiana has a good followers and well received in her community, so probably it is good to give her the benefit of the doubt and allow her to do her job, it might lead to good places.

It seems everyone got provoked a bit, but I see a lot of consensus honestly.

I do still want the main issue with key contributors addressed. But other than that, I think we are seeing new passionate crowed for 3.0 which is great.

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You have trouble even mentioning Tatiana’s name, and your reasons for complaining would be valid if you didn’t try to diminish other people’s work and achievements. Tatiana is an excellent professional and deserves respect, as do Brazilians and women. You’ve been rude to her several times and don’t give me that it’s not about gender, when it’s quite obvious that your motives were more than personal.

Dude, grow up! The world isn’t going to revolve around your wishes, it must be hard for you to understand that!


I am so disappointed on all levels. I don’t know what to write without making things worse. This has to stop from both sides.

Some of us did really hard work here to build something only to see it falling apart within a week.

This is not what I want to commit to. This is unprofessional. From both sides.

Have a good day/night