IDE Suggestions for developing under meteor


Hi. I am finally getting the hang of Meteor, and I’m trying to look for ways to make my job a lot easier.

Do you know any highly recommened IDEs for meteor development, and something that might have a line by line debug feature, like how Visual Studio does?

I am used to using VIM, and just starting to work on ATOM, but I haven’t decided which to use for my upcoming project yet.

Thanks in advance.


I’ve been using Webstorm for my MEAN, Angular/Firebase and most javascript based projects. It’s pretty awesome! I use sublime text for most repetitive multi-cursor related tasks but webstorm also has multi-cursor support built in for the most common usages.

I can run the meteor app and debug the server side through webstorm and the client side I typically use chrome debug cause I’m more used to it.


Thanks, I’ll check it out.


See here.