Improvements to mobile support

Just updated to Meteor (hot-code-push 1.0.0) and rebuilt my simple iOS test app but I don’t see any improvement in the startup times which are still 7 to 8 seconds.

There have been no changes to Hot Code Push in, this is just a point release.

Well, this depends how the Meteor app front-end is written. You could use Bootstrap, Foundation, Materialize, Polymer etc. Or write your own grid and responsive classes.
Did I get your question right?

+1000 on this. I think this is quite an urgent issue. This “turn-off” is the first thing users will see after installing our Meteor apps on their phones.

Hi, in my opinion the best thing to fix in Cordova for meteor is the capability to read file stored using Cordova file api. Actually play a video from local storage of device is very difficult on iOS and Android, too. We can install httpd services… but i think that a real meteor integration is the best thing…

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